Directed and Edited by: Jason Outenreath

Cinematography by: Jim Hickcox and Jason Outenreath

Length: 63 minutes


SXSW Film Festival 2018


THEY LIVE HERE, NOW is an intimate fiction/doc hybrid, cinema-verite portrait of daily life for refugees from all over the world living at Casa Marianella, a volunteer driven emergency homeless shelter in East Austin, Texas serving recently arrived immigrants, endangered refugees, and asylum seekers from around the world.

Featuring emotional stories of immigrants risking great dangers and odds to cross into the U.S. - THEY LIVE HERE, NOW tells diverse stories, including a young teenage Mexican girl who lost her mother crossing into the U.S., immigrants fleeing gangs in El Salvador, heartbreaking stories of acceptance and forgiveness from refugees from Iraq and Somalia, and a young man from Eritrea who was separated from his wife and struggles to be reunited.

THEY LIVE HERE, NOW is a unique hybrid film, deftly mixing real-life documentary portraits and cinema-verite style with scripted characters inspired by real life stories.

THEY LIVE HERE, NOW is a vibrant and humane look into the timely plight of refugees, asylum seekers, and recently arrived immigrants determined and struggling to find a better life in the U.S.