Directed/Photographed by: Jason Outenreath

Length: 71 minutes


Cine Las Americas Film Festival 2014

San Diego Latino Film Festival 2014

Synopsis: Revisit the joys of childhood with Country Kids, a playful and deeply personal feature length documentary about growing up in rural Nicaragua. Featuring the perspectives of educators, parents, and kids, the film explores crucial issues facing Nicaragua through the lighthearted tone of it's youthful protagonists.

Following the students and teachers of three rural elementary schools over the course of an academic year, school is revealed not just as a place to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic, but also a place to embrace the responsibilities of adulthood that loom large over many children’s daily lives.

Country Kids explores the space where the forces of education, environment, and childhood collide, and celebrates the fact that no matter the country, the culture, or the language, kids will be kids.